Small world

The profession that I want to get into happens to collide with two of my cousins that are already working in big banks. Goodness.

Everything will work out just fine right? I hope.

With ♡, Kayleen


Career Fair

I attended my first ever career fair that was held on campus. To everyone that didn’t know, I am a fresh graduate from University of Birmingham and I took my degree in Bachelor of Science Business Management with Honours. I went along with my classmate and the anxiety and anticipation was clearly felt in the air. We were dressed formally and we all wanted to show our best performance and to give a good impression to our potential employers. I enjoyed the career fair and I wanted so badly to note down the feelings we felt. We are just so young and it saddens me how I won’t ever get to feel this way again. There won’t be a second career fair on campus for me to go anymore. So guys, enjoy every moment that you have. Once you have pass that stage in your life, you won’t ever get a chance to revisit it again and experience the raw feelings that you felt. It won’t ever be the same.

With ♡, Kayleen

Fresh graduate

Now that I have graduated, it’s time to look for a job. So far I have sent out a total of 60 resumes and 30 have rejected me. Well, up till now I have no idea what I want to work as… Yesterday I came across this graduate program and I thought wow it is such a great opportunity. You get to try out the various aspects of the business and they basically groom you to hold a managerial position. But sadly, most of the local companies are looking for individuals with outstanding track records with a recognized local degree… I will be trying my luck at the career fair tomorrow and I really hope my application with Aviva goes through.

With ♡, Kayleen

Significant entries from Dayre

Decided to retype some entries that captured my raw feelings I felt during my uni days. My thoughts may seem childish and funny when I look back but I still want to save them.

28 Jun 2017

“Stop putting others down just to make yourself feel better”

I used to be super envious of girls who could carry themselves so well. They seemed to have it all. Good looks, socialising skills, everything. I wanted to be like them and I would subconsciously follow the way they speak, body movements, style etc. We have all been there before and I dare say it is also an important phase that we all have to go through to find ourselves. Looking back, I was foolish. But I am happy that I have came so far. Having confidence is so important. Self love too.

I get really really annoyed when guys look at girls and go like “oh I like her, just because she is pretty.”

And I get super pissed when people assume someone has gone under the knife just because they look different. Like hello people! Weight loss, make up, hair style, clothing style plays a part too.

I get really sensitive when it comes to these things. I was ugly. I didn’t know how to dress up and my hair was always in a mess. Till this day, I am still struggling and learning.

I absolutely know how it feels when guys don’t give you the attention just because you aren’t that pretty. I know how it feels and back then I was so angry and frustrated that I swore to never give attention to those guys that only cared about looks. I know how the world works. I took up plenty of jobs and I know a pretty girl will always have her way 80% of the time. Oh the injustice.

Be intelligent. Be kind. Be brave. Be happy and not just “pretty”. Looks will fade but a beautiful soul will stay.

18 Jul 2017

As we grow older, we confide less. Because people seem to distance themselves when you tell them about your problems. Is like, they can’t seem to handle you and your darkness.

05 Aug 2017

Everyone has differing views and it isn’t okay to put someone down just because their views are different from yours. I always pride myself for having a mind of my own. There is one thing that I hate and its to follow the crowd. I strongly believe that it is better for people to follow the right path even when it means walking alone. Be strong.

11 Sep 2017

Well it’s better to be productive when you are angry and to prove to them that at the end of the day, you will be better than them.

13 Sep 2017


I am starting to see the insincerity again and the ugly nature of people that I saw and loathe during the first year of uni. I understand why people rather keep to themselves now. When you start expecting kindness, you are doomed. You are just digging your own grave. I hate myself for being so affected. I have experienced this countless times but I always end up frustrated and angry. Is this how the world is supposed to be? Ugly? Selfish? Insensitive? Judgmental?

You can give out so much kindness but they can just trample on it, make you look like a fool for trying so hard because at the end of the day, if you aren’t meant to fit in, you will not.

I hope to engage in charity work, travel around the world and be committed in my work, relationship, health and most importantly, be insanely happy.

Crazy how just by doing a vision board, it lifted my spirits by so much. I realised that I really should focus on the good and work hard towards my future. Why focus on those who make you unhappy? In the end, they don’t matter. Your future does.

07 Dec 2017

“Why are you so quiet?”

I should be used to this question… but up till now I have no idea what am I supposed to say without sounding rude. I felt my cheeks burn and I was angry. Angry at myself. Why do I have to be this quiet? Why can’t I be loud. Why are my thoughts so loud and not my voice?

Can’t you see me trying?

With ♡, Kayleen

Back to wordpress

Dayre will be closing down soon but I really hope that is not the case. Since I have more time on my hands now, I would be able to blog about my upcoming trips to Korea and Australia woohoo! 2 years has passed and I am proud to say that I SURVIVED UNI! Not gonna lie but yes university is tough but WORTH IT. I really grew during these 2 years and even when I felt like giving up I forced myself to press on.

Honestly, life in university has kinda trained me for the corporate working world. At least now I wouldn’t (hopefully) have a shock out of my life when I begin my career haha. This year I also started on a LDR with my boyfriend. I do hope that we come out stronger 2 years later when he finishes his degree in Sydney.

Tough times will pass. Hang on there you guys.

With ♡, Kayleen

Hi there,

It’s been long since I last updated this space of mine. I have shifted to Dayre but I still prefer jotting my thoughts down here. This space where I can type my incoherent thoughts. I completed my second year (first year) of university and in July, I will be starting on my final year. Time flies. The first year of university has been tough but I pressed on and my results are not bad at all. Things have changed. I have changed. And that is a good thing because it did be weird if I didn’t change at all. I can safely say that I have changed for the better. I have started working out at the gym for the past 2-3 months and I feel better emotionally and physically. I am still fighting acne and I guess I just have to live with it for the rest of my life. I have tried everything. Literally everything but nothing works. I am still clueless about my future endeavors but I hope I would have an inkling about it by the time I graduate. I dread school. I dread going for the final year in school. I know it will be tough. Hella tough. And I am not sure if I have the stamina to study and work at the same time. I mean school is already crazy enough.

I traveled to South Korea last month and I LOVE THE COUNTRY. I promise to post the pictures up soon and hopefully if I am not too lazy, I will do up a guide.

Till then,

With ♡, Kayleen