HIII!! MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! Gonna try some good food tomorrow! 


Bibimbap at Tiong Bahru Mall! I can’t believe they have a row of restaurants hidden in the mall! We tried this bibimbap stall and their serving is so large. I would recommend ordering one bowl to share between 2 people unless you are really starving or you naturally have a huge appetite 🙂 

Bought Churros just outside Tampines 1 near the taxi stand and it is sooo good! I think it is expensive? $5.90! I haven’t tried Churros anywhere else so I am not sure about the usual price but I still think it is expensive lol. I just googled and I found their facebook page, apparently they have a few outlets and the one at Tampines is new! Its called Churro101 Singapore 😁

With ♡, Kaylee



Seafood aglio olio @ Ice edge

Salmon noodles @ Book Cafe

Chocolate fudge @ Book Cafe

Haeeeelow. I submitted ALL my essays and I enjoyed myself tremendously with my closest friends yesterday 🙂 We ate good food and talked hehe. The book cafe is such a relaxing place to wind down and relax! The food is so goood and of course there is WIFI and many socket outlets for your electronic devices! I will definitely go back again but next time I want to sit on the couch! Shall go during week days! Today will be the last day for me to relax and honestly I feel quite guilty for letting myself enjoy the weekends. Haha. I should be studying like mad for my exams that are starting end of this month. Alright, I will most likely go MIA again until my exams are over lol. 

//lovelove the s7 edge camera 🙂

With ♡, Kaylee

Busy school life

School has been busy as always. Today is one of those days where I feel extremely disappointed with the selfish nature of humans. Why can’t we be more considerate to others? Everyone is battling a war each day. Maybe that person is having a bad day and they want to feel entitled for today at least. Or maybe I am just too critical and I can’t seem to get over it.

Anyway, all of us in UOB are struggling with the remaining two essays.. I learned quite a lot while researching and the topics are interesting. University is tough. It is. But I can tell that it is worth it. Haha I know it sounds really cliche but it is true. The international business students are going over to UK soon. I am so jealous! I want to travel too ):

Till then,

With ♡, Kaylee

Assignments are piling up up up

Oh dear.. My assignments are snowballing! I have 2 essays to complete and the next module will require another essay.. I hate reading academic journals! I have been reading fiction for my whole life.

Anyway, its National Day tomorrow! Happy birthday Singapore! Which means I have a day off from school but obviously we have to make up for it. Pokemon Go was released on Saturday and everyone is so pumped up!  Gonna catch a movie tomorrow and hopefully I get back my motivation. Of course I will be catching pokemons too! HAHA

Can’t wait for W episodes to air this Wednesday and Thursday! 🙂

OH and I signed up for violin classes in school! It is also my CCA which I intend to be committed to! Lessons start next Friday! Finally something I can look forward to in school other than lessons and projects.

With ♡, Kaylee


I absolutely need to learn how to relax.  First week of classes and I am so stressed out. Bad sign. I am such a worry wart.. I got to keep reminding myself that worrying brings me no where. Do something about it instead!

Looking on the bright side, my group mates are great! Nice people to work with 🙂

Alright, tomorrow will be a better day! YES!

With ♡, Kaylee



University life has begun

Hello guys!

It has been quite a while yeah? I have been a total procrastinator and that isn’t going to reflect well on my grades especially since I have started university. I have made quite a few friends. I grew closer to this girl over the span of 2 days (thanks to induction) who was also in my diploma class. Now we are in the same class but different course. HAHA sounds confusing? We are split into 2 groups aka classes despite coming from 4 different courses. The courses are Business Management, Business Management with Industrial Placement, Business Management with Communications and International Business. We take the same core modules together. Business Management and Business Management with Industrial Placement students take all modules together except for the fact that they have industrial placement while pure BM students do not. Communications students have extra modules and IB students get to fly over to the UK to complete part of their modules at our home campus.

We have to write a handful of essays and I am so nervous for group and individual projects. I must continue to have faith that I will pull through. I will gain many insights and learn many many valuable lessons during these 2 years in university. Everything will be worth it.

Looking forward to next week when my classes officially commence. I will get to know who my group mates are and I have been invited to join this Hari Raya event at school with my friend 🙂

Oh and I found a new part time job! So many things to update. Maybe next time hehe.

With ♡, Kaylee