♡Goong 2
♡Vineyard Man
♡Boys Before Flowers
♡You Are Beautiful
♡Tree Of Heaven
♡Wonderful Life
♡Shining Inheritance
♡Personal Taste
♡Spring Waltz
♡Playful Kiss
♡Queen Insoo
♡Rooftop Prince
♡My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
♡Dream High
♡The Moon That Embraces The Sun
♡My Princess
♡Stairway To Heaven
♡Oohlala Spouses
♡Oh! My Lady
♡Lie To Me
♡Innocent Man
♡Jang Ok Jung
♡The Goddess of Fire Jung Yi
♡The Heirs
♡Marry Him If You Dare
♡I Hear Your Voice
♡You Who Came From The Stars
♡Cunning Single Lady
♡Empress Ki
♡Doctor Stranger
♡King Of High School
♡Marriage Without Dating
♡Jang Bori Is Here!
♡Bride Of The Century
♡The King’s Face
♡Liar Game
♡Birth Of A Beauty
♡King’s Face
♡Kill Me Heal Me
♡Heard It Through the Grapevine
♡Who Are You School 2015
♡Oh My Ghostess
♡I Remember You
♡Second Time Twenty Years Old
♡She Was Pretty
♡Sassy Gogogo
♡Six Flying Dragons
♡Splash Splash Love
♡Oh My Venus
♡Moorim School
♡Please Come Back, Mister
♡Page Turner
♡Love In The Moonlight
♡Cinderella And Four Knights
♡Let’s Fight Ghost
♡Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo
♡Shopping King Louis
♡Something About 1 Percent
♡Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
♡Let’s Fight Ghost
♡Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon
♡Chicago Typewriter
♡Ruler Master Of The Mask
♡Two Cops
♡Father Is Strange
♡Radio Romance
♡Third-Rate My Way
♡Vampire Diaries
♡Stranger Things
♡Paradise Kiss (Movie)
Dramas I have loved and watched ♡

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