Hi there,

It’s been long since I last updated this space of mine. I have shifted to Dayre but I still prefer jotting my thoughts down here. This space where I can type my incoherent thoughts. I completed my second year (first year) of university and in July, I will be starting on my final year. Time flies. The first year of university has been tough but I pressed on and my results are not bad at all. Things have changed. I have changed. And that is a good thing because it did be weird if I didn’t change at all. I can safely say that I have changed for the better. I have started working out at the gym for the past 2-3 months and I feel better emotionally and physically. I am still fighting acne and I guess I just have to live with it for the rest of my life. I have tried everything. Literally everything but nothing works. I am still clueless about my future endeavors but I hope I would have an inkling about it by the time I graduate. I dread school. I dread going for the final year in school. I know it will be tough. Hella tough. And I am not sure if I have the stamina to study and work at the same time. I mean school is already crazy enough.

I traveled to South Korea last month and I LOVE THE COUNTRY. I promise to post the pictures up soon and hopefully if I am not too lazy, I will do up a guide.

Till then,

With ♡, Kayleen


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