Hi there,

It’s been long since I last updated this space of mine. I have shifted to Dayre but I still prefer jotting my thoughts down here. This space where I can type my incoherent thoughts. I completed my second year (first year) of university and in July, I will be starting on my final year. Time flies. The first year of university has been tough but I pressed on and my results are not bad at all. Things have changed. I have changed. And that is a good thing because it did be weird if I didn’t change at all. I can safely say that I have changed for the better. I have started working out at the gym for the past 2-3 months and I feel better emotionally and physically. I am still fighting acne and I guess I just have to live with it for the rest of my life. I have tried everything. Literally everything but nothing works. I am still clueless about my future endeavors but I hope I would have an inkling about it by the time I graduate. I dread school. I dread going for the final year in school. I know it will be tough. Hella tough. And I am not sure if I have the stamina to study and work at the same time. I mean school is already crazy enough.

I traveled to South Korea last month and I LOVE THE COUNTRY. I promise to post the pictures up soon and hopefully if I am not too lazy, I will do up a guide.

Till then,

With ♡, Kaylee



Hi guys!

I am helping the creators behind Sad Piggies to spread the word about their card game creation. Sad Piggies, a 2-4 player card game of piggy deaths. Gameplay reminiscent of good ol’ “Monopoly Deal” – except, you collect piggy corpses instead of properties. Sounds depressing, but it’s not, it’s all in good, morbid humor. At $20 you get a fun, entertaining and morbid game to bring laughter to your game nights. Get yours at: http://63Ota0pA.kckb.st

Please do help them as they have poured in months of hardwork to make this card game possible! Thanks a million!

With ♡, Kaylee

Christmas is coming!

Not long ago, starbucks had 1 for 1 christmas drinks! I lovee the peppermint mocha! Drank it 3 times haha 🙂 I finally updated my drama list after procrastinating for so long ☺ My presentation went well and my groupmates are nice. Stayed at home the whole dayyyy, I shall start on my essay after tomorrow hahaa. oh man. University is tough. Not looking forward to my written examination grades 🙃

With ♡, Kaylee

Flying noodles! 

We queued for an hour or so to try the flying noodles and it is so worth it! We ordered the salted egg noodles. Initially we wanted to order the truffle and salted egg but the lady at the restaurant told us to order one serving as she noticed that many of their customers could not finish their noodles. The kimchi fried rice is awesome! I personally did not like the last dish. The noodles that was covered in pink sauce.. It tasted and smelled super fishy, my goodness. I think it is just me as my friends loved it lol. I will definitely come back again if I have the chance to because it was truly a unique experience and I love the service there 😋

With ♡, Kaylee