This shall pass

Striving to be a better person has never been easy.

With ♡, Kayleen


Breathe, you are doing fine

Today is one of those days that I need to remind myself to breathe. I am doing fine. I am doing great. I am trying my best and that is enough. You survived today and you will survive tomorrow.

With ♡, Kayleen

Sydney log


I came back from Australia last week where I visited Melbourne and Sydney. I’ll be splitting the post in two; this post in particular, will include the places that I find are worth visiting in Sydney!

First off, The Grounds of Alexandria is definitely worth visiting! It’s a very Instagram worthy place with good vibes!


Be sure to bring your camera along!


And of course, one of the mandatory shots you have to take when you visit.


I totally forgot to get the juice! Bummer! Maybe next time!

Next, food pics coming up!






The cakes definitely pale in comparison to the other dessert places that I’ll be introducing to you guys!


Just look at the illustrations!!!


I hope this receipt comes in handy for those that are calculating a rough budget for their trip

Alright, let’s look at some amazing architecture that Sydney has. Although, I must say that Melbourne has more character than Sydney.

You have to visit Queen Victoria Building. In short, QVB.


It’s amazing isn’t it?

After which, you will want to walk to The Galeries using the underground basement to consume some amazing desserts at the Black Star Pastry.

We visited the Black Star Pastry twice. During the first visit, the watermelon and lychee cake were sold out and we were left with limited choices. We ordered the two cakes as seen below and they were satisfying!

During the second visit, we were lucky enough to try the watermelon cake but the lychee cake was sold out again. A heads up for you guys! Please visit early!


Order this guys! You won’t regret it.

When you are in Australia, you will want to get some vitamins either for yourself or for your family. I bought 3 bottles of Royal Jelly for my family and if you use Avene products like me, you will want to stock up at the Chemist Warehouse. They have many outlets all over Sydney, you won’t miss it!

The State Library of Victoria is amazing as well.


And you can’t forget the Sydney Fish Market.


Self explanatory. You are in for a FEAST!

Don’t worry, they have fresh sashimi and alaska crab as well. But be careful of the birds! I did warn ya!


And desserts that we didn’t get to try. We were too stuffed!

More desserts coming up!

We visited Pancakes On The Rocks. They have a few outlets and their servings are HUGE.


I personally recommend the Devils Delight. The Ultimate (crepe) was not bad but I wouldn’t order the Raspberry White Chocolate again.


Sydney is definitely on the pricey side.

Next, KOI Dessert Bar. You have to place this in your itinerary!


Brace yourself!

We booked the blue mountain tour in Sydney and the highlight of the tour would definitely be the River Cruise. It really is worth the experience!


We tried to get them to perch on the food tray but we didn’t have any luck!


Lunch at a discounted price.


The three sisters


You will want to bring your camera to get some sick shots when the cruise goes pass some iconic landmarks like the opera house. Tip: Bring along your jacket if you want to stand on the deck!

Alright, one last tip!

Image result for uber

Uber is your friend! Taking Uber is sometimes cheaper than taking the public transport.

Alright, that is all for the time being. I’m sure I missed out a few sites but I will add them along the way.

I will be visiting Sydney again as my boyfriend is currently studying in UNSW. If you are from Sydney, I would love to hear your recommendations! 🙂

Till then,

With ♡, Kayleen


Image result for MELISSA SAC BAG

I’ve been eyeing this bag for the longest time and I finally bought it! Lady luck must be on my side because I took the last bag excluding the one on display. I really love classic items as they won’t go out of style. I also dyed my hair for the first time today and I love love the shade. I love how it isn’t over the top and how natural it is. Spent the whole day with my lovely friends just laughing and joking. I haven’t felt so relax in a long time. They truly bring out the best in me.

With ♡, Kayleen


But it wasn’t that Henry was less of himself in English. He was less of himself out loud. His native language was thought.

One of my favorite phrases from The Raven Boys series that relates to me. In fact. It describes me and this is probably where I share some similarities with Henry.

With ♡, Kayleen

Grateful and feeling incredibly loved

My dad accompanied me to one of my interviews and being a person that is just so bad at directions, I am really thankful for my dad. Tomorrow I have another interview and he has offered to accompany me again. I hope I remember that he has done so many rights and I should forgive him when he has made a mistake or said something unintentionally to hurt me. He is my role model and always will be my hero. I wish I have all the time in the world to spent with him and to be a person that he will be proud of. But. Time is limited. Our parents are growing old and are slowly withering away day by day. I don’t want to live with regrets, like how I could have treated them better etc etc, which is why I always choose my family over my friends. I am so glad J is a family oriented person.

With ♡, Kayleen