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I’ve been eyeing this bag for the longest time and I finally bought it! Lady luck must be on my side because I took the last bag excluding the one on display. I really love classic items as they won’t go out of style. I also dyed my hair for the first time today and I love love the shade. I love how it isn’t over the top and how natural it is. Spent the whole day with my lovely friends just laughing and joking. I haven’t felt so relax in a long time. They truly bring out the best in me.

With ♡, Kayleen



But it wasn’t that Henry was less of himself in English. He was less of himself out loud. His native language was thought.

One of my favorite phrases from The Raven Boys series that relates to me. In fact. It describes me and this is probably where I share some similarities with Henry.

With ♡, Kayleen

Grateful and feeling incredibly loved

My dad accompanied me to one of my interviews and being a person that is just so bad at directions, I am really thankful for my dad. Tomorrow I have another interview and he has offered to accompany me again. I hope I remember that he has done so many rights and I should forgive him when he has made a mistake or said something unintentionally to hurt me. He is my role model and always will be my hero. I wish I have all the time in the world to spent with him and to be a person that he will be proud of. But. Time is limited. Our parents are growing old and are slowly withering away day by day. I don’t want to live with regrets, like how I could have treated them better etc etc, which is why I always choose my family over my friends. I am so glad J is a family oriented person.

With ♡, Kayleen


Received a call earlier today and I have been shortlisted for an interview this Tuesday for the position that I have been eyeing for, even though it is in a totally new industry. Trying hard not to get my hopes up. On Monday I have another interview with a new agency and I really hope it isn’t a waste of time.

Woke up with a stye this morning on my lower lids fml. Hope it goes away by Monday! Thank goodness I packed my luggage in advance. I totally was not expecting to have 2 interviews back to back before I fly off on 7th March midnight.

With ♡, Kayleen

Falling Autumn

Just my kind of music. It reminds me… During secondary school we would ask each other to listen to the music we love. It brings back bitter and sweet memories. Often, when we send them the link or the music title, we are hoping that they would spare 5 mins of their time listening to the music. To us, music lovers, we are sharing a part of our soul with them and all we ask is for them to listen earnestly. It may be the most horrible music you have ever listened but it shows a lot about the person.

Till then,

With ♡, Kayleen

Ben and Jen

Today I was watching a new series by Jen on her Youtube channel. Her husband said:

“How I act as a person directly reflects who she chose as her partner”.

I feel this is super important in a relationship. If you truly love someone, you would want to be the best version of yourself especially in front of your partner’s love ones. It’s a form of respect I would say.

With ♡, Kayleen

Netflix and dramas

Completed the drama series Nothing to Lose and I agree that nothing is more sexy than a man who can change light bulbs hehe. Dong Ha is my new favorite actor ever since suspicious partner. This drama is indeed kind of boring and sadly, it will not be going up on my drama list. But I do appreciate how the writer wrapped up the story real quick and I enjoyed the last few episodes. I do feel that Yeon Woo Jin is better off doing rom-coms like Marriage Not Dating. Anyway, J purchased a netflix account and I am leeching on it. Currently watching Stranger Things and what can I say? I am hooked!

I added a GoodReads column on the right to keep track on my reading habits. Just a heads up! I am more towards a fiction and romance reader. Please feel free to recommend me some good books. I know my list looks sparse. I haven’t found the time to key in the books that I have read.

With ♡, Kayleen